What to Expect...

This course is all about aligning your values to your VALUE!

After realizing that my financial health was more like sickness, I did my research and made HUGE changes, and this course was born from that. Although a lot of it is mindset and value alignment, you will also receive: >Net worth worksheet with formulas >Guidance throughout the course >Access to resources >Value Alignment worksheet and >Inspiration through stories. The course is self-paced and set up in modules. I will also be available through email for support.


  • Mindset

    If you struggle to understand why you can't get ahead financially or move toward your goals, this course will help you improve your mindset and find success.

  • Tools

    None of the Evolve 'n Thrive courses are just about fluff. I will NEVER tell you to "work hard and succeed," but I will give you tools for success.

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